The Where To ?

Where To ?

Sometimes as I'm working on a picture, I invent a story. This is one with a story ... Well here I am. I'm not really sure how I got here, or why. I suppose I was searching along one of those forks in the road. I seem to have found something along the way, because here I am, and the time has come to decide now where to. I think most of us have been here, even if it sounded and felt a little different than this.

Sincere appreciation to John Spirko for his light ray material, welcome advice, and scarf model (which I ungratefully ended up not using); Wolf for the cup; and everyone who were good enough to be bored by me, look at my wip, and give honest opinions/suggestions ... Steve most of all, because not only did he look and offer advice, but also he endured so many versions. I don't know if the end product is good enough to reflect all the help, but thanks!

Used Bryce and Photoshop