Betty's Bryce

I saw Kai Kraus of Kai Power Tools and head of the MetaCreations company at the time, do a Bryce demo on a cable TV network called The Tech Channel. I vowed I was going to have *that* software. Finally after a few postponements, I started with Bryce 2 in 1998, and am now using version 6.3, released in 2009. It hasn't disappointed me, other that stability issues in a couple of the past versions. But the power and flexibility of this application is incredible. I don't know if I’ll ever learn to use its full capabilities. But I do know that I am finally able to do things with it which I'd wanted to do for an awfully long time. I was never able to get my hands to cooperate long enough to produce pictures I could see in my mind’s eye. Maybe the viewer will find something enjoyable here as well. Please don't take without permission. If you find something you would like, talk to me. My email link can be found below. Comments are most welcome.

This is my second web site. Most of the images from the first are here as well. The first went up about 1999 and lasted until approximately 2003. It was hosted in the UK by a very good friend who provided expertise, a kind ear (eye?), advice, and always helpful crticism as well, along with the hosting. He also helped me learn the interface witithout laughing *too* loud. I suffer from an apparently common disease ... not reading the “fine” manual.

The galleries have been filled approximately chronologically (starting at gallery 1) with older pictures appearing at the top of each page......


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